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General Information

Total Area :- 55,673 sq kms. Location :-

Himachal Pradesh is in India, its name means the land covered with snow, extends from the latitudes 30°22'40" North to 33°12'40" North and longitudes 75°45' 55" East to 79°04' 20" East.

Himachal Pradesh is a state of India Which is lies in the northern part of India. This is also known as hilly state which is covered by land forms on all sides. Due to the high altitude and Location of the place, the climate remains very pleasant and it has become an important state for Indian tourism.Himachal Pradesh occupies an area of 55,673 sq km. . Himachal Pradesh is divided into twelve districts. As per details from Census 2011, Himachal Pradesh has population of 68.56 Lakh

Location in India:-

Himachal Pradesh is northen state of India which is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir in the North and in the south by Haryana. In the south west the state is bordered by Uttaranchal and in the south west and west by Punjab. Tibet borders Himachal Pradesh in the East.

The state is situated at an altitude that ranges from 450 meter to 6500 meter above sea level. This high altitude of the state influences the weather and climate of the place.The Location of the state of Himachal makes it easily accessible to the tourists. The ideal time to visit this state is September to March when the weather is very pleasant. The place is very suitable for adventure sports like mountaineering and its favorable Location attracts tourists to its hill stations.

Population : 68.56 lakh

Language : Hindi and Pahari (of various dialects).

Climate of Himachal pradesh:-

The climate of Himachal Pradesh is always change and it also depend on the altitude,it varies at different places from semi tropical to semi arctic. Winters (October to February) are very severe and heavy snowfall is recorded during this season. April to June is delightful and comfortable at the higher altitudes, though on the lower hills, this season can have more humidity than usual. July to September is the time for rainfall and the entire region becomes green and fresh with streams swelling and springs replenished.

History of Himachal pardesh : -

The early inhabitants of the Himachal region were nomadic tribes who eventually settled down to form tribal kingdoms ruled by chiefs or 'rajas' as they styled themselves. Later,more kingdoms were set up. The British established their supremacy In the 19th century, But when the British left in 1947,on 15 April 1948,31 princely states merged to form Himachal Pradesh.

Best Time to Visit : -

Summer - March to June - is the best time to visit. The weather is mild and days are long, ideal for mountaineering or enjoying an idyllic nature walk.